Metal Fabrication

Total Metal Refinishing
Instead of replacing, think about refinishing. We sandblast and strip the metal of all its corrosion. Then we re-coat the metal for ultimate protection.

We can assist in the design, and we also do our own welding and bending. This service is a complete fabrication process from planning to finish.  We offer complete machine shop services.

Our shop has the following welding certifications

  • AWS-Aluminum
  • Mil Spec
  • TIG Welding – Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum

Our Shop can fabricate metal components required for many applications.
Our Fabricators and Welders are fully capable and qualified to manufacture different types of metal components out of Aluminum , Steel, Stainless Steel ,and many other Alloys.
These components are used for many varied applications, such as Air Conditioner Frames and Covers, Cabinets for Electronic switching components, Fencing ,Railing and all sorts of special fabrication.
Our shop is also equipped for cutting , stamping and bending small and larger components.